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Born:  Evanston, Illinois


1982 School Of Architecture,

 City College,  NYC, NY

1965-71 Hunter College,  NYC, NY (MA)

1963-64 Art Students League, NYC, NY

1955-57 University Of Denver, Denver, Co (BA)

1954-55 Northwestern University, Evanston, Il

1953-54 Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Il

Solo Exhibitions (Selected):

1994 Harn Museum, Univ. Florida,
Gainesville, Fl

1993 Museum Of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

1988 Heath Gallery, Atlanta, Ga

1981 Max Hutchinson Gallery, NYC, NY

1980 Construct Gallery, Chicago, Il

Max Hutchinson Gallery, Houston, Tx

1978 Sculpture Now Gallery, NYC, NY

Northwestern University, Evanston, Il

1975 Sculpture Now Gallery, NYC, NY

Teaching Positions:

1989 Manatee C. College (Math) Bradenton, Fl

1985 Univ. Of Florida (Grad. Art) Tampa, Fl

1977-82 Hunter College (Assoc. Prof.) NYC, NY

1976 New York Univ. (Assoc. Prof.) NYC, NY

1973-76 Lehman College, (Asst. Prof.) Bronx, NY

1973 Colorado College, (Asst. Prof.) Colorado Springs. Co

1969-72 Hunter College, (Inst. Art) NYC, NY

Visiting Artist:

1996-97 Ringling School Of Design, Sarasota, Fl

Creative Geometry Guest Artist

1991 Bradley University, Peoria, Il, Sculpture Commission And Master Print Program

1978 San Jose State Univ., San Jose, Ca

Northwestern University, Evanston, Il

1975 Potsdam State Univ., Potsdam, NY

1973 Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

Bennett College, Milbrook, NY

Alfred University, Alfred, NY


1975 C.A.P.S. Grant, New York State, City University Faculty Research Grant

1974 City University Faculty Research Grant, North Jersey Cultural Council, NJ

"Wing Span" 10'h X 20'w X 14'd, Aluminum, Art In Public Places, Dept. Of Environmental Regulation, Tallahassee, Fl

1988 "In/Out And About" 9'h X 6'w X 7'd, Aluminum, Art In Public Places, Wxel Radio Station, Boynton Beach, Fl

1987 "Zig Zag" 8'h X 10'w X9'd, Aluminum, City Of Tampa, Tampa, Fl,

"Double Spiral Arch" 6'h X 11'w X8'd, Aluminum, Art In Public Places, University Of South Florida, Sarasota, Fl.

1986 "Cathedral Series, Elysian" 18'h X 33'w X 21'h Steel Painted White, Art In Public Places,University Of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK

1985 "Spiral Arch" 12'h X 18'w X 15'd Aluminum, Park 80 Corporation, Saddlebrook, NJ

1983 "Kuan" 19'h X 9'w X 9'd Aluminum, Private Collection, North Miami Beach, Fl

1982 "Rectangles" 25'h X 14'w X 7'd Redwood Pacific Lumber Co., San Francisco, Ca

"SuNYatta" 10'h X 10'w X 6', Aluminum, Private Collection, K & B Plaza, New Orleans, LA

1981 “Stepped Arch”  17’h X  7’w X 5’d, Aluminum, Art In Public Places, City Of Chicago, Il

"Turning Point" 2' H X 3'w X 1'd Aluminum, Westinghouse Corporation

"I Ching Series, Pi" 2'h X 4'w X 1'd Aluminum, Illinois Continental Bank,Chicago, Il

"Samsara" 17'h X 16'w X 8'd Aluminum, Bush Corp. Center, Columbus, Oh,

1980 "Maya" 17'h X 10'w X 8'd Aluminum

1980 Winter Olympics, Art Center, Lake Placid, NY

"Pythagoras" 4'h X 4'w X 5'd Aluminum, Museum Of Art, Springfield, Mo

"Solstice" 9'h X 3'w X 3'd Aluminum, Patton, Boggs, and Blow Law, Washington, Dc,

1979 "Kuan Ii" 2'h X1'w X 1'd Aluminum, Atlantic Richfield Co., Arco Center, Los Angeles, Ca

"Kegon Vi" 1'h X 1.5'w X 1'w Aluminum, Crocker National Bank, San Francisco, Ca

"Equinox" 24'h X 9'w X 9'd Aluminum, Taubman Corp. Fair Oaks Center, Fairfax, Va,

1978 "Round About Ii" 16'h X 16'w X 16'd Aluminum, Univ. Of Houston, Houston, Tx,

1980 "100 Years, 100 Artist", Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Il

Fine Arts Gallery, Univ. Of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Univ. Of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

"American Contemporary Sculpture Ii", New Orleans, La

"Recent Sculpture" Taft Museum, Cincinnati, Oh

"Arts Festival" Atlanta, GA

"Grant Park Sculpture" Chicago, Il

1979 "Inaugural Sculpture Show", Fine Art Museum, Hempstead, L.I., NY

1978 "Penthouse Show" Museum Of Modern Art , New York, NY

"Painting And Sculpture Today", Indianapolis Museum, In

"Outdoor Sculpture" Philbrook, Art Center, Tulsa, Ok

1977 "Sculpture Potsdam '77, Potsdam Univ., Potsdam, My

1976 "American Artists" Mcnay Art Institute, San Antonio, Tx

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Museum, Colorado Springs, Co


1974 "Focus, Women's Work, American Art, Philadelphia Civic Center, Pa

"Invitational" Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY

New Britain Museum, New Britain, Ct

"Park Sculpture" Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY

1972 "American Women, 20th Century", Lakeview Art Center, Peoria, Il

Works Included In Recent Textbooks:

“Larson  Algebra 2  - 2004”, And The 2003,2002,2001 Edition Of The Textbook, Pub. Mcdougal Little/Houghton Mifflin Co.

"Shaping Space" The Dynamics Of Three-Dimensional Design, By Paul Zelanski-Mary Pat  Fisher Pub. Holt, Rinehart And Winston, 1987, 1990

"The Art Of Seeing" Art Appreciation, By Paul Zelanske - Mary Pat Fisher Pub. Prentice Hall, 3rd Edition, 1994

"Bronze, Steel And Stone, Outdoor Sculpture In Milwaukee" By Buck

Large Scale Public Commission And Collections:

2003 "SuNYatta" 10'h X 10'w X 6', 1982, Aluminum, Besthoff Sculpture Garden, New Orleans Museum Of Art, New Orleans, La

2002-3 ”Star Flower"  16'h X 14'w X 14'd, Aluminum, Beau Ciel/Hyatt Hotel, Sarasota, Fl

2002 "Sun Burst"  7 1/2' H X 7 1/2 ' W X 2', Aluminum, Neiman Marcus, Coral Gables, Fl

2001 "Mirror Images"  6'h X 2'w X 1'd,  Aluminum, Neiman Marcus, Tampa, Fl

2000 “Synergy”  6’h X 3’w X 2’d, Aluminum, Sarasota, Fl

1998 "Six Degrees Of Freedom  19'h X 65'w X 7'd , Aluminum, Clemson  University, Clemson, SC

1997 "Turnabout"  9'h X 9'w X 5'd, Aluminum  University Of Michigan, Dearborn, Mi   (Acquired)

1995 "Sky Cathedral" 16'h X 11'w X 6'd, Aluminum, Federal Court House, Urbana, Il  

Art-In-Architecture Program Federal General Services, Washington Dc 

1993 "Star Burst" 20'h X 9'w X 8'd, Aluminum, Civic Center, Charleston, WY

1991 "Wall Wave" 12' H X 6'w X 6'd Aluminum Art In Public Places, General Services, Miami, Fl

"Archway" 12'h X 18'w X 9'd, Aluminum, Art In Public Places, Florida International Univ., Miami, Fl

"Centerpeace" 14'h X 23'w X 16'd, Aluminum, Bradley University, Peoria, Il,

1990 "Space Wave" 5'h X 3'w X 3'd, Aluminum, Barclays Bank, Miami, Fl,

"Up\Over Around" 5'h X 15'w X 8'd, Aluminum, Tropicanna Corp. Bradenton, Fl,

1989 "Transparent Window Walls" 6'h X 18'w X6'd, Art In Public Places, Florida State Univ. Tallahassee, Fl

"Parameters" 9'h X 2'w X 4'd Aluminum, Art In Public Places, Univ. Of N. Florida, Jacksonville, Fl

1977 "Sky Fence" 19'h X 9'w X 9'd Aluminum, Bradley Sculpture Garden, Milwaukee Art Center, Milwaukee, WI

"Round About" 8'h X 8'w X 8'd Aluminum, Bradley Sculpture Garden, Milwaukee Art Center, Milwaukee, WI

"Kegon" 16"H X 12"W X 12"D, Aluminum, Modern Art Museum, Bogotá, Columbia, South America

1976 "Up/Over" 20'h X 15'w X 15'd, Aluminum,I-80 Bicentennial Sculpture Garden, Ogallala, NE

"Spiral Wall" 8'h X 8'w X 20'd, Aluminum, Private Collection, Sydney, Australia,

1975 "Floor Spiral" 2'h X 4'w X 4'd, Aluminum, Aldrich Museum Of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Ct

Group Exhibitions: (Selected)

2002-3 Lookout Sculpture Park, Damascus, Pa

2002-3 "Inaugural Capital Sculpture", Cultural Resources Commission, Tallahassee, Fl

1996-02 "Sculpture Fields" Kenosa Lake, NY

1996 View Gallery, New York, NY

1995 Dietrich Contemporary Art, New York, NY

Gillman Gallery, Miami Beach, Fl

1991 "Artpark" Art Museum, Fl. International Univ., Miami, Fl

1987 "Park Sculpture" Whitney Museum, Stamford, Ct

"Contemporary Sculpture", Univ. Of Florida, Gainesville, Fl

1986 "Park Sculpture" Whitney Museum, Stamford, Ct

1985 "Sculpture, The Language Of Scale", Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Ct

"American Women, American Art", Stamford Museum, Stamford, Ct

1984 "Columbus Public Sculpture", Ohio State Univ., Gallery, Columbus, Oh

1983 "American Eight" Metropolitan Museum, Dade County, Miami, Fl

1982 Museo Angel Orensanz Y Artest, Del Selserablo, Sabinanigo, City, Council, Sabinanigo, Spain

"Ten Years Of Public Sculpture" , Public Art Fund, Central Park, New York, NY

"Collectors Choice" Mcnay Art Institute, San Antonio, Tx

"Art Expo- Mile Of Sculpture",  Navy Pier, Chicago, Il

"Paris Art International" Paris, France

1981 "30 Years Of Public Sculpture", Lakeview Art Center, Peoria, Il

"Art Expo" Navy Pier, Chicago, Il

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